How to reduce the noise in precision cnc machining?

Now precision cnc machining in factories are all CNC processing, such as: CNC milling machine, machining center, CNC grinder, CNC drilling machine, CNC punch, CNC bending machine, WEDM, etc.

Precision cnc machining technology, as a core technology in machinery industry, has been the focus of researching and development in the world. The traditional finished products of precision cnc machining are gradually moving towards the direction of automation and high precision, including precision equipment parts, such as computer processors, integrated circuits, measuring instruments, etc. This means that precision machinery is no longer a single mechanical discipline, but intermingled with other disciplines to form a new science.

But there is one issue, precision cnc machining will produce some noise. So how to reduce it?

  1. Production should be more standardized
    More than 30% of gear transmission noise comes from burrs and bumps. Some precision machining parts factories remove burrs and bumps before gearbox assembly, which is a passive method.
  2. The accuracy of gear needs to be ensured
    The accuracy of the size of gear holes should be distributed around the middle difference of the deviation value of the holes, which should be set at 0.003~0.005mm. If the deviation is beyond the design requirement of the holes, it must be classified and transferred to the gear cutting process separately.
  3. Basic requirements of gear accuracy
    Practice has proved that the gear accuracy must be controlled in GB10995-887-8 grade. The linear speed is higher than 20m/s gear. The limit deviation of pitch, the radial runout tolerance of ring gear, and the tooth direction tolerance must be stable to reach 7 grade accuracy.