Equipments and types of machining

The production process of mechanical processing includes the transportation and preservation of raw materials, production preparation, parts machining and heat treatment, assembly and debugging. Through mechanical processing, the shape, size and performance of raw material can be changed to meet the requirements of finished products.This process is also called the technological process, consisting of one or several sequential processes.

Common equipment for machining:
Including digital display milling machine, digital display forming grinder, digital display lathe, electric discharge machine, universal grinder, cylindrical grinder, internal grinder, precision lathe and other equipment.

Types of machining:
Single piece machining is to produce a single part and seldom repeat production.
Batch machining : batch production of the same parts.
Mass machining: when a product is needed in large quantity, it is necessary to repeat the production of a specific part frequently.

Notices for mechanical processing:

It is necessary to reducible processing operations and minimize unnecessary tiptoe movements.

Positioning should be accurate and reliable, so as to prevent vibration and cause errors.

The movement direction of the equipment operating parts and the movement direction of the operated parts should conform to the requirements and be simply marked.

Set up the necessary interlocking mechanism to prevent uncoordinated movements in operation and cause danger.