Custom Metal Fabrication Prototype

Custom Metal Fabrication for Automotive  panel parts


Part Description:Custom Metal Fabrication Prototype
Material:SPCC steel (Steel Plate Cold rolled Commercial)
Application:Automotive OEM Prototype / Pilot Run
Heat Treatment:N/A
Surface Finish:Galvanize
Manufacturing Process:Laser Cutting/Piercing/Bending/Forming
Production VolumePrototype development, Low run, Pilot Run, Mass production

BFP provides a wide range of sheet metal fabrication parts solutions for automotive OEM, racing, and performance industries, as well as medical equipment and electrical appliance industries for customer’s prototype, pilot run, and low volume mass production.
We can handle many different types of materials such as Aluminum, Stainless Steel, SPCC steel (Steel Plate Cold rolled Commercial), SPHC steel(hot rolled steel), thickness from 0.5mm to 10mm.
Our capability including but not limited: CAD design, CAE analysis, prototype tooling design and fabrication, 3D laser cut, piercing, CNC Turning and Machining, bending and forming, deep drawing, stamping, welding and assembly, inspection and testing.
We are also able to facilitate different finishes to fulfill customer’s specific needs: Galvanize, zinc plating, anodizing, powder coating.

custom metal prototype service parts
custom metal prototype service parts