Casting Prototype Tooling

Best Fit Precision has more than decade of experience to provide optimum prototype tooling and casting solution for our customer’s casting product research and development.

Best Fit Precision designs and builds prototype castings to accurately simulate production casting product or casting processes before hard precision tooling is invested. Casting prototypes provide our customer low run casting parts to validate their product designs, test fit and match, and function, and eliminate potential problems before full production; Prototype castings are ideal when low-volume, short-run products do not justify  tooling costs.

Best Fit Precision specialize in design, engineering, and production of prototype castings for aluminum, magnesium, and zinc castings. here are several typical prototype castings for high performance product with complex geometry and engineering specifications that we currently offer for our customers:

  • Gravity Casting tooling
  • Cast Iron Tooling
  • Sand Casting Tooling
  • Unit Die
  • Soft Die casting tooling

Gravity Casting Tooling

Cast Iron Tooling

Sand Casting Tooling

Unit Die

A unit die is a lower cost production tool that has a standardized main die frame and replaceable cavity units. These replaceable units are designed to be removed from the main die frame without removing the standard frame from the die casting machine.

Soft Die Casting Tooling